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Pappy Hayes:
Just received and email from the Marshal about this forum the other day. Good to see so many others shouting the Open Tops and Conversions. I have not seen any others in my area shooting them. I shoot an Open top and a RM 1860 Army in 44Colt with my 66 Yellowboy in 44-40. I not in the sport for the speed, I am in for the fun of shooting and trying to be period correct. I just purchased the RM Army from Marshal a couple of weeks ago and shot it for the first time this past Sunday in a monthly shoot. I shoots real sweet. Shot my 66 for the first time also. Not sure if it was the new guns, but I shot with a lot less misses then previous shoots. I was borrowing a rifle and my second gun was an Uberti Cattleman in 45 with 51/2 barrel. I was missing more with the 45 then my Open top so I would say this was some of the difference. I was hoping that R&D would have come out with the conversion kit to make a Richards 1860 Army conversion, but it was going to take longer than expected so I went with the RM 60 Army. Someday, hopefully maybe Uberti/Beretta will come out with a good quality Richards. Looking forward in being able to come to this forum to read interesting things about these type of gun. Thanks to those you put this together.

Forgot to mention, I have a magazine with an article about Gren's conversions. Probably what got me interested in these type of guns.

Howdy and welcome! :)

Big John Wyatt:


Big Hext:
Pappy, yer #179

Quick Fire:
Can I please be a member,purty please? I shoot two 51Navys and a 51 conversion and I'm just in love with these guns.


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