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OFFICIAL Open Top (1871/72) Thread (post pictures here)

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Hoof Hearted:
I have thought about doing this for a while.
Over on "The High Road" there are OFFICIAL threads for the different models so I am going to do the same thing here.
Many of us like to show off our pistols and this will give us a place to do so w/o "hijacking" our pards threads ;)

Rules are simple with "no axe grinding" taking precedence, followed by "stick to the topic" (no other models posted, please), then if you want to stray off topic, please search for like posts and/or start one of your own.........

Thanks, HH

Hoof Hearted:
Here are my THREE ASM's

The one in the center is rollmarked as "Address American Frontier U.S.A."

These were assembled by Dave Anderson with parts he contracted with ASM to manf.

You can see that they had blued steel grip frames and the ASM's had silver plated brass grip frames.
There is also real Color Case on the AFF 72 and much nicer blue!
(ASM grip below)

I want to correct my post above as I only have one AFF 72 Open Top and I have two ASM's
(I got confused in my foggy old memory :P)


Really nice Hoof. Great guns. Thanks for posting the pics and info.


Major 2:
I'll need to get one ( well, I should say another one )

I allowed my 45 Schofield OT to go...when I traded

Long Johns Wolf:
My Hege Uberti 1871-72 from 2003, .44 Colt cal. Unfortunately, she is beefed up!
Thanks to Hoof Hearted I understand now that the ASM and Dave Anderson OTs are closer to the originals in the dimensional dept.
But how about the gas ring? Do the ASM and DA OTs have an integrated or separate gas ring?
Long Johns Wolf


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