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Hello Snake Oil,

I've been loading all my Cartridge Conversions with Black MX and non-lubed bullets.
Of course Black MZ is no longer available, but it's basically the same as American Pioneer Powder.
Also Shooters World has a product called Multi Purpose Black which is the same stuff.

NCOWS / Re: 44 wcf smokeless loads
« Last post by Rowdy Fulcher on January 16, 2022, 08:56:18 PM »
That is the data that I am using . I had a chance to load a few rounds and test fire they worked . they shot a tight group with the hornady xtp 200 grain bullets . When the weather gets better plan on shooting over a chronie .
The Powder Room - CAS reloading / Re: Heeled Bullets - please don't call me lazy...
« Last post by Snake Oil on January 16, 2022, 08:22:19 PM »
Drydock to the rescue!!  Thank you sir!!

I had not found anything on the lubing of bullets and was not looking forward to lead issues, so thank you!! 

I had perused accurate earlier today... I will look at that mold again!  Mr. Bellevue has put out several videos, that is the third one I found today on heeled bullets... I sure appreciate officianados putting their knowledge out there, including yours Drydock!
The Winchester Model 1892 / Re: Should I or Shouldn't I Miruko 92
« Last post by Black River Smith on January 16, 2022, 07:51:14 PM »
Go over the SASS wire immediately.   Someone is trying to sell two 9mm cylinders for an OMV.

See link
The Powder Room - CAS reloading / Re: Heeled Bullets - please don't call me lazy...
« Last post by Drydock on January 16, 2022, 07:19:31 PM »
I use Accurate for most of my molds, with this being my go to .38 Heeled bullet

But Accurate has a number of heeled designs.  A bit less pricy than OWBM, though you do need his crimp die! (I have 2 of  them, for 38s, and .44s) 
CAS City Classifieds / Re: WTS or Trade Cimarron pedersoli Sharps 45-70. $1450.00
« Last post by dale5150 on January 16, 2022, 07:13:18 PM »
Like the short Rifles with case colored receivers.
The Powder Room - CAS reloading / Re: Heeled Bullets - please don't call me lazy...
« Last post by Drydock on January 16, 2022, 06:56:02 PM »
Leave heeled bullet unlubed.  Size, prime, powder, seat bullet, then crimp with OWBM crimp die.  Then dip the bullet into a pan of melted lube.  That's it.  I use straight paraffin wax for heeled bullets.

 I think you are mixing up two different processes.  Hollowbase bullets are lubed and loaded conventionally.  Heeled bullets are loaded and lubed as above.

You cannot use a sizing die to "Crimp" the bullet.  It will swage down the bullet inside the case and leave it loose.

This video? 
The Barracks / Waiver
« Last post by Lite Colonel on January 16, 2022, 06:47:48 PM »
Howdy,  I am looking for a waiver to have competitors sign.  I am the marshal of the NCOWS posse SMVS, and Bryan Buck (NCOWS Judge) recommended I contact Jerry Davenport to get a copy of the GAF waiver.  This would be a great help to us, and hopefully GAF doesn't mind if we plagiarize it.  Bryan said the GAF waiver is a good one.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
The Darksider's Den / Re: Will subs run in Progressives?
« Last post by Professor Marvel on January 16, 2022, 05:40:49 PM »
Whilst i have previously discussed my preferences and caveats vis-a-vis Pyrodex and 777, I still will
use them when necessities arise -- ie "I can't get anything else".

Coffin -
i WENT TO THE WEBSITE, AND FOLLOWED THE 77 doco for cases explicitly:
Note that page 2 has catridge data for pistol and rifle...

you know what, I am downloading this....

Since 777 is a sub, and is more difficult to ignite, I am not concerned about running it through a powder meter.

During the first great powder shortage, I found no smokeless available but plenty of 777.
I investigated, tested, and found that
- 777 meters nicely
- 777 works fine in straightwall cartridge cases when loaded as advised.
- it ismore energetis than BP as documented, but not significantly compared to smokeless, AND since it is based on black, the curve is "similar" to non-smokeless...
- In the event of nothing else I am willing to use 777 in any straightwall case, and clean very thouroughly
- I would rather use 777 than make my own BP (so far) ....

as always,
Your Mialgae mAy Very
Always where your safety Geer
Suspendors AND a belt AND an umbrella
Kevlar is still your friend

prof mumbles
The Powder Room - CAS reloading / Heeled Bullets - please don't call me lazy...
« Last post by Snake Oil on January 16, 2022, 05:37:43 PM »
I have done some quick searching and have found a lot of different threads, but all are lacking a couple pieces I would like to see in simplicity...

I am looking to do 38 long colt heeled bullets... aiming for more period correct... I have an s&w 1899 in 38 military and two 1858 with Taylors conversion cylinders...

I have a hollow based mold from mp molds... outstanding mold, touchy and cull rate is unfavorable.  I am loading those up currently to test, but am finding I may not be very successful.

I have found Old West Bullet Molds
I saw on another thread liquid alox as a lube option.

I'm curious if you get a conical mold and pan lube and then seat the bullet and then resize the whole case similar to the process listed by duelist1954 on YouTube would that crimp the brass into the lead and then give you an internal lubed bullet.  Is this an oversimplification or am I overthinking this?  I have read several threads that all seem to state the same thing over and over, so the lazy side of me came out to see if someone would respond to my query.

If this method works, then a cheap lee conical die is way cheaper than a custom mold.

Thoughts and help please!
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