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I was confident

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Dave T:

--- Quote from: Kent Shootwell on June 06, 2020, 08:52:28 PM ---I don’t see the value. Sorry.
--- End quote ---

I don't see the point. As Coffin said, why commit time, energy, and capitol to something this far removed from the fine shotguns and single action revolvers they are known for.


Major 2:
My point  ;D

I wonder , along with CNC machines etc. Standard acquired the weird  Doug Donnelly  imagination  ???

 In the realm of  " you could not give me one "   I:E:  the  USPA JIP Gun

This thing could come home ........ "if"  you gave it to me and paid me to keep it !   

I would require a sign contract and regularly royalties for the duration ....

In an accompanying test video ....they asked the same question  2 shots one trigger pull  ....all that was said was the gun was submitted to the BATF and they approved it.... go figure

as for the CCW value ....aside from a belly gun to 3 yards range at best  , the trigger guard screams  SNAG o MATIC.


Reverend P. Babcock Chase:
Sorry Major,

I take it that you meant that it was the coolest of the butt ugly types. On that we might agree. Clearly Standard didn't disinfect the USFA marines to kill off any leftover terrible ideas.

Reverend Chase

pony express:
So the trigger pull is SOOOOO bad you need 2 fingers to get it to go bang? If I want something with that hard of a trigger pull, I'll just get a Russian Nagant.

Heard about that one a while back, but didn't know (or forgot) that it was from Standard.  Perhaps they are trying to one-up USFA buy showing that they can build both weirdo huh? guns and nice single actions at the same time and remain afloat.   



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