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I was confident

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Major 2:
I was quite confident the Rhino was the coolest BUTT ugly revolver available ....

 I have been shaken to the core !  :o

Standard Manufacture, the same folks that offer the $2000 Standard SAA ....

brings us the Thunderstruck 22 Mag. duel shot ( that's right 2 rounds with one pull of the trigger )

So homely, it is flat COOL   ???

Kent Shootwell:
I don’t see the value. Sorry.

Reverend P. Babcock Chase:
Howdy Major,

You got the "butt ugly" part right. Coolest? Not even close. Cooler pistols? Luger, LeMat, Sharps Derringer, Webley-Fosbury, Howda, Colt Peacemaker set up with a Bridgeport rig. I could go on, but I want to lie down until I get the image of that Standard monstrosity out of my head.

Maybe others can add to the "cooler" list. (It's hard to imagine adding to the uglier list).

Reverend Chase
ps:forgot to mention my 3rd Model Dragon .45 Colt conversion.

Major 2:
Just to shed light , I posted simply as a conversation piece ... to me it is the USFA's   Zip Gun's revolver cousin   ::)

there is no comma  in " coolest BUTT ugly "   ;D  - Rat Rides are "Cool BUTT Ugly"

  .... I too see no value  ,

what I can't quite wrap my mind around...

How , it gets around the BATF,  the two shot one trigger pull  :-\


Yep.  Sorry Rev, You missed the point. 

Yepper.  That be one of those "Cool Butt Ugly" creations that only come around every so often.  It's true purpose is unknown.  The "Why" is also a mystery.  I can't for the life of me, fathom Standard dumping design and manufacturing funds into something so ........ STUPID.

I also don't understand a BATFE "get around."  Strange.



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