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The Longbranch / Re: It's Time.
« Last post by Cowtown on Yesterday at 09:00:24 AM »
OK, John. Just what exactly is your proposal?

I did not see my school on your list. I was in a school shooting and I was one targeted by the shooter. Shooter had a list of kids he wanted to "prove something" to and fortunately for me most of the other 9th graders on that same list were at 1st lunch period and I was in Algebra class on the other side of the school when the 14 year old shooter came in and started hunting. Most fortune for all of us there that day the principal saw the shooter before anything happened and confronted him in the hallway. The principal asked the kid where he was going with that rifle. The principal told the kid to hand over his gun. The kid said nothing but pointed the gun at the principal and shot him in the chest, killing the principal. (Witnessed by several of the office personnel.) The principal was in his early 30s and left behind his wife, several children and a baby on the way. Said principal was also a US Marine and no way in hell was he going to let anything happen to his students. The bravest of men he was. And he proved it.

We who were there and the official investigation figured the actions of the principal saved many lives that day. Although more students and teachers were shot that day and thankfully no more killed, the shooter running into the principal forcing the shooter out of his plan derailed the shooter and he panicked at that point, making his way through the school towards the lunchroom but never achieving it, instead finding an exit and running from the school. The shooter did shoot his way from the principal's office (the location of the principal's murder) taking shots at whomever he encountered in the hallways, wounding at least 2 other teachers and 2 students before leaving the building, where he ran through a field behind the school. He was found by police helicopter and arrested. Being 14 at the time the law had to charge him as a juvenile and he was released from prison at age 21. 

The shooter had 2 guns. He took them from his dad's gunsafe. He was able to do this as the parents were not home when the kid began his actions that day. (Kid had stayed home, planning and arrived at school just before lunch, possibly in hopes of catching all students in passing period.) There is much more to the story but the details are not needed here.

We grieved. We were shocked, angry, perplexed, horrified; our young minds tainted with the ugliness that can come from a disturbed mind. Those memories never fade.

We knew the kid. We knew he had issues of which I will not detail here. We discussed everything. We analyzed every action leading up to the shooter's breaking point. We over analyzed the school, the students, the culture, the hows and whys. You know what was not discussed? You know what didn't matter? The guns used. Why? Because that is disingenuous to the conversation. The true focus was everywhere else, because that is what mattered. We placed blame on the person. He was solely responsible for this. His actions. Not anything else.

You know what? This kid's profile was the exactly same as all the other disturbed individuals who have done this since then. Physical or mental abuse, lack of spirituality and morals, a fragile psyche, perceived societal abuse, who knows exactly what and how all his surrounding stimuli was processed and led him to this violence. It wasn't the inanimate objects in his dad's gunsafe though.

John, you posted a long list of schools that I assume have experienced some kind of (I hate to use this term...) "gun violence?". Is it your contention that a particular style of weapon was used in each one of these? Without spending vast amounts of time digging through all the particular details of each you've listed to verify this, I'd have to say if this is your point, you've erred. And the argument to ban something inanimate misses the point of all this carnage entirely.

Now for the media's drive to enact more gun control, they will never fail to use the red herring of the gun itself. Interesting to note, the Santa Fe HS shooting in 2018 quickly became a non media issue as soon as the media discovered the shooter used a pump shotgun to murder 10 people in school. Hmm. The gun did not fit their narrative. I'd also submit that the mass shooting at Pulse gay nightclub in Florida where 49 people were murdered became a non story as soon as the media discovered the shooter was a gay muslim. Again we see the media's narrative could not be maintained because the media only care about the story if all the details fit their political agenda. How's that for BS? People die and only half truths are told. So much for reliable journalism these days.

If you think more laws are the answer, that is fallacy. Murder is already unlawful yet that doesn't stop murder. Legislating against lawfully owned firearms does not solve anything.

Again what exactly are you proposing?

The Longbranch / Re: It's Time.
« Last post by middletownbob on Yesterday at 08:29:42 AM »
when we went to HS in the late 60's, early 70's it wasnt uncommon to bring in shotguns etc to go hunting after school or maybe you were on the shooting my opinion, it all started after the invention of the internet! there were plenty of AR's arround then if you wanted one with civilian production starting arround mid 60's..
The Leather Shop / Re: Hickock Holster in the Making
« Last post by Coffinmaker on Yesterday at 08:24:38 AM »

 :)  Just TOO KOOL!!   ;)

People are still Hazardous to yer Health!!
The Longbranch / Re: It's Time.
« Last post by Hplummer on Yesterday at 08:22:25 AM »
Sorry, River City, I completely disagree.
We don't have a gun problem or AR15 problem or military style weapon problem. We have a people problem. People who are becoming more amoral every day, who can't see the difference between right and wrong, and have no respect for their fellow human beings. Until we confront that reality and find a solution, you can ban every gun and it won't stop this insidious violence.
It would be just as horrific to walk into an elementary school with a gas can, start dousing kids and light a match.
Attacking the guns is just an easy out because society is unable or unwilling to confront the REAL problem of growing social/moral decay.
Tall Tales / Re: May flowers bring coffee, tea and grub
« Last post by Major 2 on Yesterday at 08:12:37 AM »
Mo betta .... improvement continues... this is a mean bug.
Ranks with the top three memories of my past flu history and a bout with the Chicken Pox I got when I was about 44. 🤢

I credit the Pfizer duo & booster I got last year that made it less sever, and chamomile tea!
I won't neglect the well wishes and 🙌  I received   :)  THANK YOU

AND to my WIFE !



The Longbranch / Re: It's Time.
« Last post by Niederlander on Yesterday at 08:06:32 AM »
This is about what happened at Columbine. Police were ordered NOT to try to enter the building before SWAT got there!

But identifying potential unstable individuals is the key to preventing such things before they happen.  Mental health in this country is miserable, especially where kids are concerned! There were signs this character was off the rails. But either his acquaintances didn't or wouldn't alert their parents or LEO, or they were ignored.  Just this morning, there were threats of violence at two schools in the metro-Denver area. Police took action and the individuals both jeuvenals were arrested and the threats averted! It can be done and must be!  More gun laws will not stop the carnage. There are too many ways for illegal availability to happen!
I doubt this was about Columbine, unless their training was decades out of date.  We've been trained for the last fifteen or twenty years that the first officer there immediately advances to the sound of gunfire, confronts the shooter or shooter, and exterminates them.  Many of us had planned to do that even before that became policy.  As a former law enforcement officer, I wouldn't give a plug nickel for ANY of those wannabe peace officers.
The Longbranch / Re: It's Time.
« Last post by Rye Miles on Yesterday at 06:46:06 AM »
We have already maneuvered them into being Nurses, Mothers, Nutritionists, Babysitters, Moral Guardians, Psychologists . . . and now Marksmen? Are we going to pay them the equivalent salary of all those job titles? What they signed on for was to TEACH our young.
No wonder Teachers are frustrated and leaving the profession in droves and not having replacements waiting in the wings.

No they're simply protecting themselves which millions of us do everyday. Not every teacher wants to be armed and no one is saying they HAVE TO! It's their choice! I know several teachers who would be more than happy to be able to carry on their job!
The Longbranch / Re: It's Time.
« Last post by Buckaroo Lou on May 27, 2022, 10:01:33 PM »
I would urge you to not let the anti-gun crowd nor those who speak for them miss inform and convince you that you as a law abiding citizen do not need or have the right to own a semiautomatic firearm that resembles military styled weapons, i.e. AR-15, AK-47, M1A, etc. The 2nd Amendment gives every legal law-abiding citizen the Constitutional right to possess a firearm for self-protection, if need be, to overthrow tyranny, and to own and have in their possession firearms equal to either of those tasks. The 2nd Amendment was never meant to be for hunting. It would have been ridiculous to grant the right to bear arms for protection and overthrowing tyranny then not allowing weapons equal to the task and the founding fathers knew and understood that fact. To ban those types of weapons and to refuse law-abiding citizens the right to possess them is flat out unconstitutional.

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