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FAVORITE Duty Pistol

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Eloy Santa Cruz:
My favorite duty gun was my colt 1911. We were first issued the S&W Mod 19. Once off probation, I carried a 4" Python. The department began issuing the S&W 686 when it came out; a fine revolver but I stuck with my python for a few more years before I switched to my 1911. I carried it untill the department forced us to the Glock Mod 22 .40 cal. in the early 90's. Thankfully I still have my python and 1911.

Dave T:
Starting up an old thread, but then I'm new to the forum.

When I became a detective in 1977 I bought a lightly used Colt Commander. There were no light weight Commanders back then. You either had a Commander, with an alloy frame or a Combat Commander with a steel frame. Anyway this one was from the late 1960s and was as close to stock condition as a used gun could be. Had my gunsmith work on it a bit and I carried it as a detective, a member of the academy staff and as the department's chief firearms instructor and range master.

It shows it's miles and round count but it never failed me in terms of reliability and function. Even persuaded a few outlaws to give up with it (LOL).


S&W model 10 on duty and a 2" model 15 off duty. Don Hume border patrol holster / dump pouch with 6 rds. Got me to retirement!

Bat 2919:
My favorite was also my first.  Went into the Army Military Police at 18 and Uncle Sam issued me my first 1911 and I've kept coming back to "Old Slapsides" all my life.  I had shot a few revolvers before that but never carried one.  Went into my first civilian department while still attending college,  They required .357 revolvers and I bought a S&W M19, carried it for a while but soon we had the powers that be convinced that one of these new fangled semi autos would really be OK.  Changed departments a time or two and had to buy a S&W 686, only to return to my 1911.  Found myself in the same boat coming into the department I've been with for the last 26 years.  I did still have the option of a revolver but went with a SIG 220, replaced it with a SIG 229 when they came out.  Not too long after that we (noticing a theme here) convinced admin that the 1911 really was acceptable. 

None of the GI .45's I carried were made by Colt but I didn't get much choice about what Sam issued.  Every other hand gun I've carried I had to buy.  My first few 1911's were all made by Colt but the two I carry now Ultra CDP II (everyday) and TLE/RL II (in uniform) are Kimbers.   I'm almost ready to retire and may just pull the pin early if they ever do get around to issuing Glocks to everyone on the department.  Even at department pricing 650 (current authorized strength) Combat Tupperware pistols represent a significant investment, so I may just make it to the planned retirement date.


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