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Favorite TV police show

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Brazos Bucky Smith:
I do believe my favorite was "Police Story"!  Being a So. Cal. LEO, that show had a lot of the inside humor, methodology, and comraderee we had.  "Barney Miller" was good for a chuckle too!  The Characters were a hoot!


Texas Lawdog:
Tascosa,  I spent almost 5 yrs total.   Three years one place and two years another. I did more CID  and Patrol than anything else.

Utah Bob:
Hill St Blues. I never missed an episode. Mostly to watch Capt Furillos public defender babe. Hubba!

Dragnet and Adam 12 also high on the list.

Lets not forget (all you OLD guys) Highway Patrol with Broderick (10-4) Crawofrd.

Miami Vice was ridiculous but very entertaining. I also made some cash off them working off duty.

Most effective cop ever? Sheriff Andy Taylor?

Funniest cop ever? Fish on Barney Miller.
 ;) ;D ;D

Texas Lawdog:
Headquarters to 2150!    2150 by. Dan Matthews  HighWay Patrol.   What about the Sheriff of Cochise County with the Winchester clamped to the door panel. :) ;) :D ;D :o 8) ::)

Now that I've had time to think about it, I sort o' favored McCloud with Dennis Weaver, and I think he also had a show before that one where he was a Sheriff in northen NM for a while. I liked that one too.



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