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 ;D First, here's Logan....many regulars on CAS-l remember a couple of years ago when he was in and out of the hospital with siezures....doctors didn't, and still don't, know why, and we took him all over Texas and as far as the Mayo clinic in Minnesota.  Started him on the Ketogenic diet and eventually controled the siezures, and took him off meds completely.  He's been siezure free for 2 1/2 years and off meds for almost 2 years.  Keep him in you prayers, if'n ya don't mind.....I believe that was a big part of his recovery.

This here's his older brother Cody Cheyenne. He's 10, goin' on 11 and LOVES CAS! He started with a 22 pistol, then moved to his Mom's Thunderers in 38, and has now gone to favor my 7 1/2" 45's with a Schofield load!  Son of Wart Hog!  He like the 45's, as, in his words, "38's are for girls" ! :)

He's an A-B student and about to move to 6th grade, and a yellow belt in Karate.  He likes to think he can get over on me as he moves up in rank, but I pointed out to him a lesson I learned from his mother, "You gotta sleep sometime!"

Oh, and in case your wonderin' Logan's 'armed' with his trusty "175 shooter" cap pistol, carried in a Rick Bachman holster on a Mill's pattern belt!  ;D


You got a'lott to be proud of  ;D
My daugthers are 6 and 1 so there not ready yet ;)
But loves  the Blackpowdersmoke
and when it goes BOOOM ;D
Hint to all you non smokers ;)

Foothills Drifter:
I remember hearin about Logan on CAS-L. Glad all our prayers helped out.
My boys shoot with me every now an again. They are 26 & 28 and would not be caught dead dressed up like cowboys :o Oh well, at least they still like to shoot ;D
Good luck!

Good shootin......
Vern... 8)


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