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Rusty Silver SASS# 58957 (aka Trumpet):
Hey Pards,
Well, I'ma fixin to send out my RV's for some slickin'.  I'ma gonna git trigger/action jobs, free spin, half cock, 11 degree fc, cylinder chamfer, POA,  and an overall bead blastin'.  Am I missin' anything?

Now, I've got it down to two smiths.  West Fargo (Wes Flowers) and Rowdy Yates at Lee's Gunsmithing.  Any recommendations?  Experiences?  Advice?


I have never seen or heard a bad word about Wes Flowers work. My RV's with a spring kit added were slick out of the box, but if they needed slickn' Wes would be my choice.

Red Eyed Kid:
Rusty.......we have VERY good 'smiths right in the area. Have ya' checked out Cody Conahger in Frederick, or Cash Caldwell & Jug Browning out of Mid-Maryland Gun Shop, also in Frederick, Md.??  Go to any of the local clubs websites and they are listed in the "links"      Just a thought.......

Red Eye

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