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Making a Lined belt

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Ok folks,
When making a lined belt do you preferred rough out (flesh) on the liner on smooth out (grain)?

Which is more Period Correct?

I've seen rough out for liner so that it doesn't slip while wearing.  Any truth?

If you use rough out, how do you glue the belt and liner together?

If you rough up the grain side, what do you find to be the easiest way to do the whole belt, and how rough does it have to be?

Thanks for any info.

Marshal Will Wingam:
I personally don't like lined belts because they're too stiff. They do have advantages, though, and many do prefer them. Perhaps one of the forum members who make them will chime in with some useful information.

I always glue flesh side to flesh side as I think the bond is better.  As stated, a laminated belt can get awfully thick, more than needed.  The liner can also wrinkle if too thick.  The problem is, a single layer of leather is somethings too thin.  One solution is the bullet loops. If you use the in/out method it tends to stiffen the belt so you can get away with a single layer.  This in and out- there are two ways , a loop through one hole or snake the loop leather in and out each hole.  The spacing on the holes can be narrowed so you have the loops close together.
When I glue/laminate, I always run stitching around the edges of the belt.  I use barge cement from ACE hardware.

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Thanks Will and Davem.

Do you guys put oil or finish on the flesh side of the unlined belt?
I’ve seen/heard no finish, neatsfoot oil and TanKote,  GumTrag and burnish it till smooth then TanKote or BagKote and just Resolene????


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