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Getting Back in the Saddle


Captain Bob Masterson:
Been gone for quite a spell. Lost my big brother Otter who was a SASS Life Member, back in March 2014 to bladder cancer. Otter got me into Cowboy Action Shooting back in 2004, when he passed away it really knocked the stuffing out of me. I lost all interest in taking part in cowboy action shooting. Well, I decided to get back in the saddle again. Going to join the Border Vigilantes CAS club here in Cheyenne, Still have to call SASS n see if my alias n badge number are still good.

Captain Bob

Dave T:
Good for you...and sorry for your loss.

God bless,

Howdy Capt. Bob,
Welcome back!  The game is different now in most places (closer bigger targets) but I'm still having a blast.

Sorry about your brother.  I lost one 3 years ago to Alzheimer's.  I was his fishing buddy.

I believe you can get your old SASS number back, just let them know when you call, and the alias as well if nobody took it (not likely  :) )

Welcome back!

Navy Six:
Sorry to hear about the loss of your brother. It's been a tough year as several good friends have passed. However, the remaining good friends are my Cowboy partners so I'm glad you chose to return.  Best to you.



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