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Shot our 2 inch snub match today.


Baltimore Ed:
We did our 2 inch snubnose shoot today. Only 7 as there was a big club match in VA that a bunch of our guys attended. Most shot double actions but a few used SA’s. I carried my Thompson for the guys to shoot off the clock for 2 scenarios, we used the snubnose on 3 of the others. I always go gangster when we do these and use my cutdown marlin 12 ga pump. Also carried a Colt NS and a 45 HE. Had my coat on earlier but got hot. We had a good time but it was a rough day. One shooter failed to load his guns, there were several broken shotguns and I had a squib in my Colt. Eons since I’ve done that. Here’s Guido. He’s from West Chicago.
Here he is at ‘work’.

Looking really righteous there!


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