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Major 2:
It was Johnny, that turned me on to Skidmore's well more than a decade ago.
He even sent me my first small sample jar Skidmore's used to offer.
I'm not the holster smiths' you craftsmen are, but Skidmore's has been my final finish since way back then.
I use it on my own vintage milsurp collectable's & the museums items, and I often suggest it to others.

Major 2:
some more, I like the product both for finial finish on new leather and preservation of vintage leather.

Marshal Will Wingam:
Those do look good, Major. Thanks for all the photos.

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Fortunately, the Saddle Soap and tooth brush idea worked fine.  I've since put another coat of EVOO on the "crusty" one.  The first attachment is a size 1 hourglass Serpentine from Barry King.  Note the corners of each stamp.  Some of the hourglasses were completely crusty with Skidmore's Leather Cream.

The second picture is from a Serpentine border in size 3/4.  I've made several of these and none got crusty during finishing.  The size 3/4 single is a bit too large for a 1 1/4 belt and I'm ordering a size smaller for the smaller belts. 


Marshal Will Wingam:
That meander stamping looks really good on a belt. I like it. Do you go around the billet or let the design carry straight off?


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