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Blued Trigger


I tried asking this question on another Ruger gunsmithing forum but got no replies.  Maybe my question got smothered in my own wordiness.

Has anyone replaced the stainless steel trigger on a New Vaquero with an older , New Model blued trigger? 

I did this on my Flattop 44 Special and the  trigger sat so far forward with hammer at rest it cut pieces out of my trigger finger as it reset.  I believe I understand what machined surface on the trigger determines the forward, reset position and on two blued triggers I examined, that surface was lower than on the original stainless trigger. That placed the bottom of the trigger 1/8" further forward touching the trigger guard at the top.

Were the blued triggers I had on hand unusual.  Has anyone put a blued trigger in a medium frame Ruger single action replacing the original  stainless one?

Mustang Gregg:


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