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Barrel length Eastwood snake gun: For a Few Dollars More?

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eeyah, I sort of like the 4-3/4 too, but was sorta wantin' to match the movie gun..., have to think 'er over.


 :)  Darto  ;)

Laying out the Folding Green for an SA you may well not like, just to match "The Movie Gun" is kinda silly.  You have the option of having of sourcing the "Snake" after-market and putting it on anything you like.

Play Safe Out There

$39.95 here :



--- Quote from: RRio on October 24, 2022, 12:21:52 PM ---$39.95 here :

--- End quote ---
Those are probably Pewter.  The snakes on the Cimarron guns are sterling (hence the cost) and the grips are inletted for them.  The pewter snakes probably look about the same, but inletting the grips properly would be the hard part.  The snakes could of course just be attached to the surface of the grip - it would look and feel different but that would be subjective.

Baltimore Ed:
Tried a 5.5 in vaquero and found a 4.5 vaquero much faster to shoot. The 5.5 was eventually sent to Larry Horvath and he shortened to 2.5. Last year I tried a 7.5, used it in a Joeey Wales match and was my only miss. Sold it. All .45 colt caliber.
Off topic but there is a very good video showing the actual locales that were used in the Man With No Name films as they were in the films and how they look now [or when the video was shot]. A very enjoyable video.  Afraid that I don’t have any other info.


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