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Bat 2919:
My Colt New Service in .45 ACP has finally returned home from it's trip to the gunsmith.  I picked this one up at a gun show where it had been hiding on someone's table.  Sort of a humble looking thing, someone had cut the barrel off at about 3 inches but never bothered to reinstall the front sight.  It must have been ignored for multiple shows, it's owner was, shall we say motivated to move it along to someone new for a reasonable price. 

I had been considering having one one of my complete Colt New Service's cut down to a Fitz Special for some time but just couldn't bring my self to cut one of them down.  When I happened on this little guy I knew immediately what to do with it.


River City John:
So Bat, of course I'm curious about the name "Fitz" origin.

Bat 2919:

We have "John Henry Fitzgerald" to thank for what has become known as the Fitz Spl. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FitzGerald_Special

Major 2:
I have to admit, I am truly intrigued and have a lust for a Fitz Spl.
Like you I might not cut down for one, but IF, I found an orphan as you did, I'd snap it up.
Very neat find  :)

Baltimore Ed:
Here is my take with a pitted up .38 Smith. I did the work and had it parked. It has one of the smoothest actions of any of my revolvers.



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