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Need a Heavier Hammer spring for my New Vaquero

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Doc Holloman:
You're thinking "You want a HEAVIER hammer spring?"   Yes, because my .357 New Vaquero is getting soft primer strikes one or two rounds out of every  five.  Not necessarily on the same cylinders.  This happens on both CCI and Winchester primers.  Yes, I know, I could use Federals, but these days I need to use what I can get and I have about 1000 rounds already loaded with Winchesters.

The Gun is clean, recently slicked up and has a Super Blackhawk hammer (so I don[t really want to send it back to Ruger and have them put a factory hammer back in.

Wolff does not make heavier than factory springs for the New Vaquero.  Does anyone?


Hi Doc, I think on those coil spring guns that you can shim the main spring with a washer for more power.

Baltimore Ed:
Somebody got a little too aggressive with their wire cutters maybe. Happens to everyone sooner or later.

45 Dragoon:
 Yep. Cutting coils is a no no!! 
 Abilene's suggestion is a good one.



 :) Doc  ;)

Two other things you may wish to verify.  Head Space.  Optimum head space for most any revolver is .004.  The other culprit is End Shake.  End Shake should be held to .001. Ruger is not known for tight tolerance.  If the end shake is contributing to open head space, your going to need to shim the cylinder bushing (that little thing stick out the front of the cylinder).

Then start shimming the Main Spring and checking the Firing Pin Extension.

Play Safe Out There



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