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Anyone making a copy of the Sunday holster or Brill holster as used by the Texas Rangers?

Looking to get one.

Thank you.


Marshal Will Wingam:
I wasn't familiar with the Brill holsters. They're pretty neat. If you get one, please share a photo of it here.

Rube Burrows:
I have never heard anything about them till now so I went looking and google popped up several makers doing so. Not sure which is the most historically correct though.

Marshal Will Wingam:
Here's a photo of a genuine Brill I downloaded and posted for reference here. Although you don't see a lot of it, there is a full skirt behind the pouch.

Marshal Will Wingam:
A couple more photos to give a clearer picture of the construction. The trigger guard looks to be exposed when the pistol is in it. The last two pics look like a modern made one.



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