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Is it possible to modify a standard vaquero into a birds head?  I have a birds head vaquero with a 3 inch barrel in .45 long colt and would like to have one to match with a 5 1/2 inch barrel.  Only problem,  ruger only makes the .45 birds head with a 3 inch barrel.  Can a standard .45 vaquero with a 5 1/2 inch barrel be modified to a birds head grip and if so, will this violoate SASS and NCOW regulations?


FloraBama Kid:
Yes it can be done, No it won't violate SASS rules. BTW, Ruger did make a RV BH 4 5/8" bbl and there are still a few around. I've though about getting a pair but they just didn't feel right in my hand.

Silver Creek Slim:
There are companies that sell the birdshead grip frame for Rugers. Use Google to do a search.


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Check the Brownells website.  Qualite makes a bird's head gripframe that will accept all of your other Ruger guts.  It also comes with grip pannels.  You can get Brass for $150 or Steel (stainless or in white) for $170.  It's a bit better than trying to file down an existing frame ;).


Ol Cannon Ears:
I found a pair of the Birdsheads w/ the 4 5/8 barrels and I know of at least one other at a shop here in Tucson. They fit my stubbie little hands right nice :) Or the Brownells option is a good choice for just swappin out the grip frame.


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