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Drayton Calhoun:
Hey, Wadd, I used to have one just like it! Wish I still did. Question, when you fire it with .45 ACP, do you get that weird almost whistle sound? It always reminded me of the spaghetti western sound effects.


No whistles, but the flames coming sideways out of the cylinder always scares anyone shooting next to me ... *S*

I have just started an experiment with the Wobbly and ammo ... I have bought 50 Auto-Rim .45 casings and am going to load them fairly conservatively to keep the cylinder (and my fingers) in one piece ... I am going to load some of the casings this weekend and will let you know how it went ...


Marshal Will Wingam:
WW, you may want to try the Cowboy 45 Special brass as an option if the auto rims don't work out for you.


Boothill Bob:
I got them Marshall and they work great. I have a 160grn bullet and 2.5grn BA10 powder, gives a recoil like a 22 :D
And when I shooting the holy smoke I dont need any filler.

Marshal Will Wingam:
I think they'd be perfect for BP, Henrik. I tried them with 165 gr bullets and a full load of Trail Boss. They were OK but I need to work up a better load than that.


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