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RV Cut-Down Grip Frames

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FloraBama Kid:
I would like to resize my SS RVs to better fit my hands. I saw a pair that had the grip frames cut-down and it really changed the feel.
Does anyone know someone that will do this and about what will it cost?

Also, if you have done this to your RVs how do ya like it?

Standpat Steve:
I wonder if that would be considered an external modification, and be illegal for SASS use?

I bought a Powers 2nd generation colt grip frame conversion for a Ruger as a project. After I completed it, my feeling was it was more work than the difference in feel warranted. But I was still glad to have tried tinkering with it.

FloraBama Kid:
Steve, you have an excellent point about it being an external modification. I'd like to hear what others have to say also.

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Big Hext Finnigan:
Howdy Kid,

If you are changing the grips, I think you're fine.  Once you start grinding the metal, then you are likely to invoke the external modification rule.  If you are primarily interested in SASS and other organized shoots, then I'd try to make the guns feel better with grip modifications.


FloraBama Kid:
I'll stick to other SASS friendly options. ;)

Guess the one pard that had done this is ain't quite on the up and up cau he shoots national matches like Mule Camp and others.. ???


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