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Gun Butcher:
  Great Idea, and I will start it off.
 My daughter is back in the states and well, My grandson is still in Afganistan but I just heard from him today and he is doing good.
 I want to once again Thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers for all who are in harms way.
                                                           Gun Butcher

Arizona Cattleman:
GB, My hats off to you and yours.  I so appreciate what the sons and daughters and grand kids  are doing in service to our country and it's citizens to protect freedom and a way of life we treasure.


GunClick Rick:
Now ya done it..Just finished my arrow head display.Had to do it between my leg killin me.Do a little rest a little.Gonna do that lacing thing next,have to order a needle or two maybe.
The display has an ax head at the top,and the bottom stone was used for arrow shafts.They would dry them in bundles above  smokey warm coals,(I actually did a painting of it :-[ :P) run through some hot coals and rub on soft stone to make them strieght,those two pieces are a bit rare to find in good shape.The last shaft strieghtner i saw was at 1,000.00 not sure on the ax head.Most of the arrow heads came from a spot down the road from me in the 60s,my father in law found them at Kaweah Preserve,used to ba able to go out there and hunt for them,not anymore.You can do a search on it.The smaller light colored ones came from Missouri,got them from Joachim Slim over at the Sass wire.The little walnut hull things are replicas i made from ones in our museum,they would fill with pine pitch and put dots on them and use them as dice for gambling games.The dots are actual beads(i am stringing a bunch as we speak) found at Kaweah also,i have a bunch of them.Made from river clams i believe.


Ten Wolves Fiveshooter:
Nice collection Rick, looks like you've been at this for a while, Thanks for the look see and sharing this with us. ::) 8)


          tEN wOLVES  ;) :D ;D

So what no body does anything else like play the guitar,banjo,fiddle or what ever,surely we do other things


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