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Wild Bill Got it Again

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Hi Seas Cowboy:
Unfortunately they killed off Wild Bill tonight so let's all bow our heads for a brief tribute to the man 8).

D. R. Greysun:
Dang nabit Hi Seas, It comes on at 2100 PDT. Now I know what to expect.  ::)

All the naysayers are really missing a good show....this episode was the best yet......accurate protrayal of Hickok's assasination.  I really wished they'd have beat McCall a bit more though. ;)

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Texas Lawdog:
I guess that I need to get cable or a dish to see Deadwood.  Deadwwod is really a neat place to visit. However it has been commercialized somewhat, due to the casios being introduced. I took a tour of the "Green Door" and saw the saloon where Wild Bill met his demise.

Big Hext Finnigan:
Cheyenne keeps teasing me with little bits and pieces.. ;)
I'll have to buy it when the set comes out. 


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