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Doc Shapiro:
What other shooting games do you play?

Went to my first Steel Challenge match today.  Shot my Rugers.  They have a SA category.  Both pistols loaded up (on the line, 6 in each).  We shot 7 different stages.  6 of them we shot 5 times and the other 4.  Worst time is thrown out, rest is added together.

Each stage has 5 targets, one of which must be shot last.  After that it's up to the shooter.

Targets range in size from 18x25 inch plates to 8 and 10 inch circles.  Some of the shots were out to 35 yards and a bunch at 18 yards, at the 8 and 10 inchers!

If ya miss, shoot at it again!  Switch revolvers if needed.

This was a LOT of FUN!!  All the shooters were very helpful and freindly.  We had a great time today.

So, what else do you play?


Big Hext Finnigan:
I never did any pistol games before CAS.  I might do a little IDPA, but haven't found the desire, time and equipment all at the same time.

I have shot a good bit in the shotgun games.  Skeet, Sporting Clays and just stuff.. Trap is a bit too specialized and it took SClays to get me hooked.  Like CAS, each stage is different and each course has it's own quirks.  Clays is also fun because you can use your hunting shotgun for most events and be reasonably competitive. 

I'll say that the 3 gun combo has captured me in CAS..


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