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Borders? Lets build a library!!

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Dalton Masterson:
Lets make a library here on this site, of our favorite border stampings, etc. Could be a nice resource for when you dont want to do the same old thing again.
Also can be a good use for your scraps as you can save the borders you make for reference later.
Heres a few I like. DM

Marshal Will Wingam:
This sounds like a good idea to me. Here's the only good example of a border I have at this time. You have to make the stamp, but it may give you ideas on how to use stamps you already have. I'll put up more when I get good photos of them. This can be a continuing thread, so be sure to load the pictures using the "Additional Options" at the bottom of the new post page rather than linking to a photo somewhere online. If the online photo disappears, it also disappears from your posts. If we get enough examples, I can add a link in the How-To FAQ thread.

A little later: I remembered I had a couple samples kicking around my desk that I banged out one day to test a couple ideas. I scanned them in. Here they are, too.

Slowhand Bob:
I really like the second shot Marshall.  Transitions are the toughest part of holster tooling.  Most stamping tools lend themselves well to straight lines, such as belts, but the irregular shapes on holsters are tough to do with most of the intesting border tools.  Seems I am always looking through a magnifying glass at low quality pictures for ideas.

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Dalton Masterson:
Heres one I spotted on an old saddle in a Wyoming antique store. Really like it, just havent tried to make it yet.
Update: While in Omaha I found a stamp that is close to this one, but not quite the same. Crafttool G870

Slowhand Bob:
I like that Dalton and think that an old duffer like me might even be able to copy it.  Thanks for the idea.


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