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I bought an HRA "Original" Henry (so Coffinmaker won't have to)

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I promised pics, but I got too busy filming and just didn't shoot any.  But if you want some clear closeups and information about the innards, I did finally upload the video to youtube.  Rather long at over 40 minutes, you may want to skip the "show and tell" intro and start around the 11:30 minute mark.  Spoiler alert---M.I.M.

Edit to add:
Though I neglected to note it in the video, I observed that the HRA version has positive slam down.

Major 2:
Well done OD#3.....You've earned a Sticky.... :)

I will comment, I received my gun in 2013....my barrel is not anywhere near the blunted flats as your example.
Mine is an early gun, upper in the first photo ( as seen when I pull the camera back )
Note: the shape edges ....
I suppose as more were assembled, they ( additional assemblers ) adopted the over polish  :-\

Clear, concise disassembly Video and with Homage to the Coffin Maker, two thumbs up  :)

WOW!!  OD#3!!  Just WOW.

Great video presentation.  I just had to watch the whole thing!!  VERY well done.

I've been wanting a chance to look inside an HRA 1860 Henry.  I must admit I am disappointed by the over buffing on the barrel flats.  However, once you get past the barrel flats, the actual insides of the rifle look very nice indeed.  It's quite apparent HRA Took their cues from Uberti.  That isn't a bad thing.  I don't even see the MIM processing of the reciprocating parts as a bad thing.  Rather than an absolutely "authentic" reproduction, I look at function.  The rifle appears to function very well indeed.  I also applaud the inclusion of positive slam down in their build.  That feature is very important, especially with a .45 rifle.  It is also nice to see side plates that actually "fit" where you don't have to hammer them off and then fit them.  Nice.  It's also nice to see screws you don't need an impact driver to get out the first time.  I can certainly overlook the over buffing for the actual build quality.

Very happy to see you reduced those gawd awful OEM springs.  Way over sprung as manufactured (typical).  Gorgeous wood.  I really think I'd like to have one.  Not that I'd leave it alone.  I'd just have to mess with it.  All four of mine (Uberti) have been extensively messed with.  Just can't leave them OEM.

thanks a lot for the Vid!!



Fellas, you made my day.  I had you two in mind when I started filming, and it is gratifying that you both enjoyed it and took the time to respond.  Interesting about the earlier versions having LESS buffing; I'd been under the impression that the overbuffing was something complained about on the earlier ones and since addressed--it was one of the reasons I ordered mine when I did, expecting to see less blunting of the edges.  So I was quite disappointed by the melt job HRA gave it.  Thanks for your opinion on the MIM as well.  I don't care so much about HOW the parts were produced, as I know that MIM done well can be excellent.  But I don't like the large voids.  It is a replica, so I expect them to replicate everything. 

On balance though, I'm not sorry I acquired it.  And as for their level of replication, Miroku strays much much more in the authenticity department with their 1873's, but the build quality endears them to me nonetheless.  I suppose I can forgive HRA's departures as well.  I REALLY need to get this thing to the range.

Silver Creek Slim:
Nice video, pard.



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