Author Topic: After Action Report - Division of Dakota Territory  (Read 989 times)

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After Action Report - Division of Dakota Territory
« on: August 04, 2019, 12:34:09 PM »
After Action Report
Division of Dakota Territory

To:    Brigadier General Jerry "Pitspitr" Davenport, Commander Grand Army of the Frontier

CC:    Ladies and Gents of the GAF at large.


I have the honor to submit my report following the 28 July 2019 Dakota Territory Muster of the Grand Army of the Frontier. The Division of Dakota Territory was reinforced from by troops from Divisions of Iowa, Nebraska, and Illinois. We were supported by the Gatling Gun detachment from the Division of Illinois. This is the same detachment that Lt. Col Custer declined to accompany him to the Little Big Horn.  I am sorry to report that Private Dickweed went AWOL before the Illinois detachment left for the Dakota Territory and is currently incarcerated in the Fort Sackett brig. We also had a large number of new recruits (5) forced to take marksmanship roles during the campaign. The campaign was the defense of Fort Ransom. In the initial action the hostiles attacked what they believed to be a weak point in our defenses.  The hostiles massed while cleverly disguised as a 2X4. The troops rapidly and effectively thwarted the attack. Individual marksmanship in three skirmishes dispatched more of the hostiles. And lastly the hot breath of the Gatling Gun finished off the remaining hostiles.   

The following are the results the campaign:

MilSpec SS
Major Ken ?Whiskey Double? Haines ? Division of Iowa
Lt. Col. Jack ?Quick Fire? Bulsousky ? Division of Nebraska

MilSpec Repeater
Lt. Col. Donald ?Msgt Long? Long ? Division of Illinois

Henry Rifle
Lt. Col. Pat "Shamrock" Gannon ? Division of Dakota Territory

Wayne ?Little Gunder? Oakland ? Division of Dakota Territory
Joel ?Toad Sticker? Iverson ? Division of Dakota Territory
Neil ?Doc Nielson? Dockter ? Division of Dakota Territory
Kevin ?Kalamity Kevin? Lichtsinn ? Division of Dakota Territory

Lady Scout
Chris ?Trigger Tillie? Iverson ? Division of Dakota Territory

Conner ? Private Conner? Conner ? Division of Illinois

Lt. Col. Pat "Shamrock" Gannon
GAF# 447
Commanding Division of Dakota Territory

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Re: After Action Report - Division of Dakota Territory
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2019, 06:04:53 PM »
I wish I could have been there. Unfortunately, My presence was required in the desert southwest.
I remain, Your Ob'd Servant,
Jerry M. "Pitspitr" Davenport
(Bvt.)Brigadier General Commanding,
Grand Army of the Frontier
BC/IT, Expert, Sharpshooter, Marksman, CC, SoM
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