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GAF After Action Reports / Re: Dept. of Missouri Muster 2022
« Last post by Silver Creek Slim on Yesterday at 12:01:24 PM »
A lot of fun, and some great campfire sessions.  You all missed a good one.  ;D

The Powder Room - CAS reloading / Re: Burn Rates of Smokeless powders
« Last post by Trailrider on Yesterday at 11:13:16 AM »
BY ALL MEANS, USE THE RECOMMENDED LISTINGS IN THE LOADING HANDBOOKS! Over the sixty-plus years since I started handloading, I have found that if one seems to get close to or right on the maximum or minimum loads listed, it may be prudent to look at a different powder. Minimum loads in particular can present problems. It takes 5,000 - 7,000 psi (NOT CUP) to get smokeless powder burning stably. The listings in the manuals are determined under certain conditions which may not obtain in your particular gun, with a softer or harder cast bullet, or with too light a crimp. For example, if you want a reduced load in your .45LC, with bullets much lighter than 250 grains, rather than using Unique, you may be better served in going to W231/HP38 (same powder, different brand). If you have 2400, I definitely would not go with reduced loads, but with a faster powder, such as Unique.  In large magnum rifle cartridges, reduced loads of slow-burning powders can lead to real trouble! For example, DO NOT reduce loads for H4831 and others when trying to make a .338 Magnum feel like a light .30-06! Look at a faster powder such as IMR4350. These are generalizations, but as I shouted at the beginning, USE THE BLOODY MANUALS!
1860 Henry / Re: the Russian
« Last post by Dave T on Yesterday at 10:13:35 AM »
If one of the reproduction makers would build and chamber one of those I'd have to buy one. (smile)


PS: Same for a repro Henry chambered for the Russian.
Tall Tales / Re: May flowers bring coffee, tea and grub
« Last post by Major 2 on Yesterday at 09:43:48 AM »
Tomorrow is Armed Forces Day, we HONOR the active services.
We are grilling, Burgers, Hotdogs, all manor of chips, soft drinks and free admittance to all comers.

The Leather Shop / Re: RC Gallup, Sort Of
« Last post by Marshal Will Wingam on Yesterday at 08:13:54 AM »
Thank you, Coffinmaker, Rube. I'm pretty pleased with it.
The Leather Shop / Re: RC Gallup, Sort Of
« Last post by Rube Burrows on Yesterday at 07:52:15 AM »
Love everything about it. The design, the belt loop, the color. Timeless.
The Powder Room - CAS reloading / Re: Burn Rates of Smokeless powders
« Last post by Coffinmaker on Yesterday at 07:24:59 AM »

 :)  Perfesser-N-Others  ;)

Let there be light!!  Yes!!  Flip the switch.  No !!  Wait!!  Having the knowledge of specific pressure curves can be highly evocative.  Er, of what he asks.  Well Now.

As pointed out by Monsieur Austin, I can in fact, drop a Small Block V8 into my Mini Cooper.  I won't be able to drive it, but I can get it in there (Actually been done) and that knowledge becomes totally useless trivia.  Is useless trivia.  Actually.

When, in my sordid, uneducated, heathen past, found myself in need to replenish my supplies is explosives (actually combustibles) for (combust really fast) furthering my penchant for playing with destructive devices and such, I found it best to simply peruse my available re-loading manuals to find a propellant I might like.  Sometimes that endeavor led me to some totally inappropriate selections anyway.  I mean sure, you can dump "X" amount of sifted Elk Snot into Y size cartridge case.  But what if you wind up with Kapouf rather than a satisfying BUUMBA??  Been know to happen.

There are other mitigating factors to consider as well.  Like a real serious FUN FACTOR!!  The kind of fun factor you get by ripping off a half dozen rounds full of 2F APP at an indoor range before they can get to ya!!  Superior fun you betcha.  All that satisfying coughing and sneezing from the stuck up snob glitterati is just marvelous.  And there is the screaming and tearing eyes, well you get the picture, as you calmly reload another half dozen .45 sized cartridges into yer hand howetzer.  And the poor schmuck at the counter is taking a dump in his (or her's) Post Toasties trying to stop you from setting off another batch.  Great FUN.

Oh, Where was I.  I know I had a point to all of this when I started, but be dam'd if I can remember what I wanted to say.  Obviously something of so little import I immediately forgot what it twer as it twer.  Oh well.  You've gotten this far so there is no going back.  Nanny Nanny Poo Poo.

Oh Wait!!  I remember!!


Remember, People still be Hazardous to Yer Health!!
Tall Tales / Re: May flowers bring coffee, tea and grub
« Last post by Silver Creek Slim on Yesterday at 07:06:13 AM »
Morning y'all.
Coffee and tea area ready.

T'storms last night.

'Tis 57 and light rain. "Mostly cloudy with a chance of showers and thunderstorms. Highs in the upper 60s. West wind 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 50 percent."

The Leather Shop / Re: RC Gallup, Sort Of
« Last post by Coffinmaker on Yesterday at 06:58:15 AM »

 :)  Marshal  ;)

PLUS ONE to what they ALL said  8)
Tall Tales / Re: May flowers bring coffee, tea and grub
« Last post by Professor Marvel on Yesterday at 04:44:46 AM »
Greetings all.

Today was spent on a plane. I currently can’t reveal where I am, but I’ll let you know where it was in a few days.

Anyway, i have to board another plane. Y’all take care.



lots of esoteric air traffic lately.

C5A's Hercy Birds, all coming and going much more than usual...
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