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The Leather Shop / Re: RC Gallup, Sort Of
« Last post by Marshal Will Wingam on Today at 08:13:54 AM »
Thank you, Coffinmaker, Rube. I'm pretty pleased with it.
The Leather Shop / Re: RC Gallup, Sort Of
« Last post by Rube Burrows on Today at 07:52:15 AM »
Love everything about it. The design, the belt loop, the color. Timeless.

 :)  Perfesser-N-Others  ;)

Let there be light!!  Yes!!  Flip the switch.  No !!  Wait!!  Having the knowledge of specific pressure curves can be highly evocative.  Er, of what he asks.  Well Now.

As pointed out by Monsieur Austin, I can in fact, drop a Small Block V8 into my Mini Cooper.  I won't be able to drive it, but I can get it in there (Actually been done) and that knowledge becomes totally useless trivia.  Is useless trivia.  Actually.

When, in my sordid, uneducated, heathen past, found myself in need to replenish my supplies is explosives (actually combustibles) for (combust really fast) furthering my penchant for playing with destructive devices and such, I found it best to simply peruse my available re-loading manuals to find a propellant I might like.  Sometimes that endeavor led me to some totally inappropriate selections anyway.  I mean sure, you can dump "X" amount of sifted Elk Snot into Y size cartridge case.  But what if you wind up with Kapouf rather than a satisfying BUUMBA??  Been know to happen.

There are other mitigating factors to consider as well.  Like a real serious FUN FACTOR!!  The kind of fun factor you get by ripping off a half dozen rounds full of 2F APP at an indoor range before they can get to ya!!  Superior fun you betcha.  All that satisfying coughing and sneezing from the stuck up snob glitterati is just marvelous.  And there is the screaming and tearing eyes, well you get the picture, as you calmly reload another half dozen .45 sized cartridges into yer hand howetzer.  And the poor schmuck at the counter is taking a dump in his (or her's) Post Toasties trying to stop you from setting off another batch.  Great FUN.

Oh, Where was I.  I know I had a point to all of this when I started, but be dam'd if I can remember what I wanted to say.  Obviously something of so little import I immediately forgot what it twer as it twer.  Oh well.  You've gotten this far so there is no going back.  Nanny Nanny Poo Poo.

Oh Wait!!  I remember!!


Remember, People still be Hazardous to Yer Health!!
Tall Tales / Re: May flowers bring coffee, tea and grub
« Last post by Silver Creek Slim on Today at 07:06:13 AM »
Morning y'all.
Coffee and tea area ready.

T'storms last night.

'Tis 57 and light rain. "Mostly cloudy with a chance of showers and thunderstorms. Highs in the upper 60s. West wind 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 50 percent."

The Leather Shop / Re: RC Gallup, Sort Of
« Last post by Coffinmaker on Today at 06:58:15 AM »

 :)  Marshal  ;)

PLUS ONE to what they ALL said  8)
Tall Tales / Re: May flowers bring coffee, tea and grub
« Last post by Professor Marvel on Today at 04:44:46 AM »
Greetings all.

Today was spent on a plane. I currently can’t reveal where I am, but I’ll let you know where it was in a few days.

Anyway, i have to board another plane. Y’all take care.



lots of esoteric air traffic lately.

C5A's Hercy Birds, all coming and going much more than usual...
Ah My Good Bunk

You and I are not only :"like minded" and  on the same page but are in the same choir.

Howver, like Bryan's efforts, this discussion is geared towards the advanced amatuer.

I do not have many pressure curves to work from ( thank you Bryan for posting your results!)
and there is occasionally  the issue of "too fast a pistol powder" in "too large a cartridge case"

One useful datum example is comparing Trail Boss and Unique.

Trail Boss ( as most of us know) was deliberately made as a fluffy powder to easily use in
large cases and reduce the risk of accidental double charges and there are a number of loads in
the manuals for it.

Some people came up with the erroneous idea that Trail boss is good for "older pistols".

In fact, Trail Boss has a faster burn rate and steeper pressure curve than Unique, making it ill suited
for weak designs or "older pistols",  Even tho the loading manuals show valid loads for both.

Thus both the "burn rate" and "pressure curve" data become useful

Of course one could always stuff a case full of APP but the  indoor ranges frown on it.

Then on a pratical note, since powder availability is "iffy" , I take my list of burn rates with me,
along with two of my favorite loading manuals when I wander down to the powder store.

There, I see what they actually have on hand, and I am using burn rates to determine which powders might be more
appropriate for short barreled pistols vs long barreled rifles, then go to the manual to determine appropriate published
loads and load data.

Often I find that what they have does not match what I want to do, thus saving time, money and grief.

On a esoteric philosophical note I am fascinated by comparing the burn rates and pressure curves
on several oldy moldy smokeless powders that a number of experts are using to good effect in
trapdoor, rolling block, and falling block rifles. One powder they like (I forget which) actually has a burn rate
and pressure curve datum that (according to their lab tests) closely match the original Dupont Best Rifle Powder.

prof marvel
1860 Henry / Re: the Russian
« Last post by nativeshootist on Yesterday at 11:56:24 PM »
I personally think that this rifle is a legit made winchester, I mean why wouldn't they experiment with their guns? They most likely had a tool room for prototypes and having to make a 66 in 44 russian couldn't have been much different than the rimfire. One thing I can see it being a problem was that most if not all 44 russian have a pointed nose and could set off rounds in the magazine. Winchester probably had enough pull back then to start influencing the market into turning the 44 russian cartridges from pointed to flat point. But I see the rifle as one off as Winchester was trying to retire the 66 and move it towards the 73 rifle.
1860 Henry / Re: the Russian
« Last post by greyhawk on Yesterday at 10:53:58 PM »
:)  KWK  ;)

Well, I don't consider myself and authority.  More of a Hack.  Worked on a lot of '66s (replicants) and some were originals.  Studied a lot of known historical information and lots of anecdotal stuff about the 1966 and the Transitional Henry (there were seven known).  That would indicate to me, Winchester was probably up to something.

The as shown sample example shows no obvious signs of having been put into service.  Probably shot very little and kept in a gun cabinet it's entire life.  I have no doubt it's authentic.  Made by Winchester.  It is also known, Winchester built proto- typical rifles and when they were finished piddling with them, they were sold.  It's marvelous the rifle was maintained in such pristine condition.

I could, would, should, will, DROOL ALL OVER it.  I have built several 1866 replicants to run 44 Russian.  To have one on an original frame??  Priceless.  Of course, I wouldn't turn down one chambered in 44 Stetson Central Fire neither!!

Play Safe Out There

I know nutink - not a collector at all - but if that gun is kosher it seems too cheap to me - kinda too good to be true? woulda thought those specs and that condition would make two or three times as much ? ? or just a slow day at the auctions? .........................
The Powder Room - CAS reloading / Re: Burn Rates of Smokeless powders
« Last post by Bunk Stagnerg on Yesterday at 09:14:58 PM »
I have been using this fad powder since the days of HiVel2 and FA#70 primers.
This reloading thing is very simple
                                                           USE THE MANUAL

In fact use a couple of different ones. just in case of a mis-print.
Burn rates are interesting I guess but they are NOT data. nor can data be safely calculated from them.
Loading data from Joey Baggadonuts will wind you up with a broken gun or serious injury or worse.
Gas hot enough to cut steel and at thousands of pounds of pressure is not something to be careless with.
Most likely the reason my powder of choice is real Black Gunpowder.
But at the end of the day it is your gun and your life so do what you think best and mention me in your will.
James Louis "Bunk" Stagner
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