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Okay, back up gun and reliabilty question

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Okay, time to pick the collective brain trust [hereafter referred to as the CBT for convenience]. I have 3 well running .45 Colt sixguns to rely on. One is an Uberti 1860 Army Conversion Open Top 5 1/2" barrel. The other two are Schofields one a 5" and the other 7". All three have been reliable and accurate, the only complaint being the 7" Schofield causing me to go to a Buscadero rig due to holstering/unholstering the beastie. I am going to try running the 5" pair in a few matches to see which set up I prefer, 2 Schofields or the "Rafe" pair.
So my question to the CBT is: How often does a gun crash and burn in matches? Is it worth keeping the third gun or should I consider trading/selling the 3rd to fund another gun?

Howdy Deacon.  First off, on the long barrel holstering, have you tried cross-draw?  Mucho easier.  And there is cavalry twist, though not everyone likes that.  In recent years I've gotten a few holsters that have a but of a muzzle forward cant, and by sliding the holster a bit closer to midline instead of directly on the side, it makes it a LOT easier with the longer barrels.  It looks just a bit gamy compared to authentic stuff, but lots better than buscadero (personal opinion and choice, obviously).

On to the query of reliability.  This is obviously a YMMV situation, but in over twenty years I think I've had a gun go down about once, that I can recall.  That one time was a '61 Uberti with a Kirst conversion, and the hand spring broke at the loading table.  I shot that stage by pointing the pistol down each time I cocked it.  I never carry backups, but it just so happened that I had my brand spanking new charcoal blue 7th cavalry in the car since I was planning to pop off a few rounds with it after the match.  So I finished the match with that.  Anyway, maybe I've just been lucky. 

But I also never sell a gun just to buy another.  If it is a gun I don't use at all or don't like, well that's different.  But with my philosophy I now have half a dozen or so sets of guns to use.  It's all about priorities.  Now, being single with no kids doesn't hurt that situation. :) 

I don't want to be like Tuolomne Lawman.  He keeps showing us these cool guns, and then all of a sudden he is selling one to afford another!  Of course, you can only shoot one pair at a time, but still...  ;D

Thanks Abilene, now that I am fully retired, trading or swapping unfortunately helps with price. I thought about crossdraw, but there are too many second helpings in the way! I have been debating about adding .38 Special to the herd with the ammo crunch and it would require trading or selling some other guns to afford it. By parting with the 7" I could pick up the rifle for the .38 and just need one more revolver. However, now that we are seeing the improvements in ammo & components, the need for .38 is not great. SO I am trying to figure out if it is worth adding the .38s or better off sticking with my .45s. I also have a full set up for 44-40 to fall back on as well.

In the last 6 weeks we have seen an increase in ammo and components at decent prices.


 :) MY TURN  :D  MY TURN  ;D

HI Deacon!!  Welcome to being fully retired.  You will now wonder how on earth you ever had the time to go to WORK (4 letter wurd).

There is no really "good" answer to your question.  I've played the CAS game for about 30 years.  Never needed a "Back-Up) until a week and a half ago.  And . . . . O knew the gun was flaky before I left home.  Just crossed my fingers.  I have never previously needed a "back-up"

If your guns are well maintained and not beaten to hell and back, they will run reliably near forever.  There is the occasional spring failure, once in a blue moon.  Guns are mechanical and are subject to Murphy.  Has to be your call.  Were it I, and I were comfortable with the guns I have, I would, if needed, trade and sell.  I have done that several times inna past.

A suggestion for your 45s.  Consider Cowboy 45 Special cases, running Barnstormer bullets, you powder of choice.  Lower recoil means less wear and tear on the guns.  Funnerer too.  Again, your call.

I happen to prefer 45s.  I have 38s.  I seldom shoot them and currently have a pair of Uberti 1851 Conversions on the market.  Just sat inna safe for 8 - 10 years.

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