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Rifle Recommendation in 45LC

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Poll is based on six models that seem to be available in todays market.  I'm looking to get some recommendations to get me starting in 45 LC and progress down the road.


 :)  JGard2010   ;)

Just a tiny bit of trivia to help you along.  There is no such thing as 45 "long" Colt.  Or 45 LC for short.  Even though the term is in somewhat common usage.  There is only, and ever has been, "45 Colt"

Without having to go to a Gunplumber for modification, or extensive application of after-market parts, your best bet is the Japanese built Winchester 1873 replica.  Much easier to live with "out of the box."  Hence my "vote."

Stay Safe Out There

Ranch 13:
 If the 45 colt in the Winchester 73 is like the one I have in 44wcf, you won't be disappointed in the least bit.

Cliff Fendley:
The Cimarron or Taylor 1873 would be my choice and from there whichever one feels best to you.

Gabriel Law:
I don't own a Winchester (or clone) 1873 rifle...more's the pity.  But when I purchased my CAS rifle I chose the Pedersoli Colt Lightning rifle in .45 colt and do not regret it one bit.  I shoot full power loads with heavy bullets, experience no blowback, and the rifle is fast and accurate.  I restocked it in nice walnut to increase the length of pull and modified an early Hawken butt plate to suit, which I rust blued.  This rifle suits my 6'2" frame and achieved married weight of 240 pounds.



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