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Scripture in Movies
« on: January 30, 2021, 11:53:55 AM »
After watching the film "Fury" yet again, I became curious as to how often Scripture is quoted in movies.

In the case of "Fury", it was Isaiah 6:8 that was quoted: "Here am I, Lord. Send me."; as the crew prepared for battle against great odds in their disabled tank.

In "Saving Pvt. Ryan", it was Psalm 144:1-2; quoted by "Jackson", the team sniper as he engaged the enemy so his team could advance.

In both cases, the quotes were applicable to the live-or-die situations of the moment, desperate pleas for strength and guidance.

Neither of these movies were dusters, but there must be any number of similar quotes from Scripture in westerns as well.

Anyone got  favourite ..... ?

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