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Taylor's Cattleman Photo Engraved Revolver

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Well I looked at both Taylor's and Cimarron sites to compare the two revolvers. Upon closer inspection I see that the engraving is a little different on them. Taylor's looks to be engraved deeper and a little more coverage. Actually I prefer the Taylor's model of the two. Still going to look at Cimarrons to hold it, fondle it and drool.

Curley Cole:

the curley cole on the backstrap was done by Kelly Laster

I have a pair of Taylors engraved. Old Top likes to call them my scratched up guns. The Taylors are photo/lazer engraved. ythen they were chased by hand to make them look more real. These have been my main match guns for about 10 years

also enclosing a shor of emf engraved GW2. they look very much like the original GW's owned by JohnWayne and used in the Shootist

they are both great shooters

questions? fire away


Rowdy Fulcher:
Here is a picture of the Pietta Frontier from Cimarron .

I've been researching this same gun.  I haven't found a Cimmaron engraved 1873 but I was told by a local gun dealer that the Taylor & Co.  is a Pietta and about $350 less than the Uberti engraved Stainless Steel 1873 Cattleman.  

I'm new to this site and to the CAS but am wanting to learn.  I currently  have a Uberti 1875 Outlaw in .45 Colt.

Major 2:
Uberti SS w/ fitted Colt ® 1st. gen grip frames & NC Ordnance OEM Colt fleur-de-lis panels



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