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The Winchester Model 1892 / Re: Browning B-92 357 Mag
« Last post by Dave T on Yesterday at 02:19:36 PM »
Thanks for the feed back Jbar4.  I just found out they have a coil main spring rather than a lief spring.  I know how to lighten lief springs.  I'm not sure I'm ready to cut coils without having a spare on hand.  Maybe I'll find a local gunsmith.  Not enthused about shipping this thing anywhere.

That is why I left the barrel unaltered. Still have a passion for cap gun shooting. I've also loaded .375 round balls in the .38 S&W brass with fair success, but the percussion cylinder groups are very much tighter. Nearly identical to the .375 heeled bullets with .38 S&W brass.
The Winchester Model 1876 / Re: Toilet paper fillers
« Last post by Trailrider on Yesterday at 12:57:52 PM »
I have used 1/4 sheet of single-ply (Scott's) toilet tissue poked LOOSELY into the case over light loads of smokeless powder (mainly IMR 4198) in .40-65, .45-70 and .45-2.5" cartridges for years and never ringed a barrel yet.  The key is to let the bullet do the final seating of the tissue. Charge weights may need to be reduced slightly due to reduced volume in the case. Best practice is to develop loads using a chronograph. Always crimp the case mouth firmly into the cannelure or grease grove to allow the smokeless powder to ignite properly.  That applies to all low smokeless loads in large capacity cases, including rifle-caliber pistol cartridges (.45LC, .44-40, etc.).
 [Usual disclaimer: Not for use in guns and ammo other than my own. Cannot assume responsibility for what others may do.]
The Barracks / Re: 45-70 500 gr bullet sized .459 with round nose
« Last post by Tater Pickens on Yesterday at 12:36:55 PM »
Got 50 rounds of the .459 45-70 bullet from Chet-cast. Only difference in this round and the 500 grn round I was getting from Buffalo Arms is that the Chey-Cast round is 512 grns. Basically it is just a little bit longer than the 500 grn in that it has 4 lube groves versus 3 lube groves on the 500 grn round.

Should it make any difference in the 70 grn powder charge I usually load with the 500 grn or should I reduce the charge slightly?
The Winchester Model 1876 / Re: Toilet paper fillers
« Last post by matt45 on Yesterday at 12:36:42 PM »
By seated tight do you mean a tight wad of whatever filler you are using?  Do you mean actual case tightness, as with a custom sizer?  Are you talking about the crimp?
In regards to the first, I have never used toilet paper (I have a wad of dacron that I've been using on different cases for about 40 years) but I don't make the wad any denser than needed to hold the powder at the bottom of the case.  I have experimented with tight wads vs. just enough, and have found no real difference.  Of course, this is only my experience.
The Winchester Model 1876 / Toilet paper fillers
« Last post by Quick Fire on Yesterday at 11:59:37 AM »
If using to as a filler does the bullet have to be seated tight to it to prevent ringing of the chamber. New to loading smokeless in these rifles
Tall Tales / Re: December, Elf on a shelf taking up Coffee & Tea space.
« Last post by Delmonico on Yesterday at 11:37:46 AM »
Another fact from the era:

In 1978, Astrophysicist May, while working with Mercury, hypothesized that the rotation of the earth was due to the expansive posterior region of youthful females. This hypothesis has never been refuted in over 40 years, and at this point can practically be considered as fact.

Regarding the question about the availability of .348 Winchester brass, it appears that Starline makes it now.  I found some sources on the internet that say Hornady has made some as well. 
I currently have 32 cases made from W-W .348 brass.  They load and feed well in my original 1876 rifle.  My experience is that W-W make brass has a thinner neck which makes it easier to use a .459" bullet and still have the round cycle correctly.
I have not had any luck with .45-75 cartridges made from resized and trimmed .50-90 Sharps brass.  That is what Buffalo Arms is currently selling.  Maybe it works in the modern Uberti or Chaparral reproductions.  I don't know.
I would be interested in acquiring some W-W .348 brass.  I can probably beg Buffalo Arms to size and trim it for me.  I'm not sure about loaded .348 rounds, but might be interested.  Please PM and let me know what you want for them.
The Winchester Model 1892 / Re: Browning B-92 357 Mag
« Last post by Jbar4Ranch on Yesterday at 10:36:22 AM »
I had a B-92 .357 fifteen years ago, but I don't remember the trigger being bad at all. It was a very accurate rifle, but would choke on anything shorter than a full-length .357 - 1.6"? Thirty eights, fuggetabout it. I traded it for two Rossi '92 .357's that work fine with the shorter cartridges. An 1892 is tricky to get back together, and involves the use of an empty case or dummy round to hold things together during reassembly.
The Winchester Model 1892 / Re: Browning B-92 357 Mag
« Last post by Dave T on Yesterday at 09:49:07 AM »
I would have bet there was someone on CAScity who owns a Browning B-92.  Curiouser and curiouser!

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