Fort Sill

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Brazos Bucky Smith:

"Yep, I'm aworkin on one. 8)  Suppose to be real purtty. :o  A blue one.  Well, go ahead on to Fort Sill, and I'll mosy on back the way you came.  Keep your hair on!"  With that Brazos spurs his horse, who gives a little buck to let him know he is there, and they start to follow Delmonico's back trail twoards the buff camp.

Delmonico rides inta Fort Sill, the sutler has a fine feather piller which he buys.  Lookin' round he finds a cheap shotgun for only $5, a single shot breech loadin 12 gauge marked Zulu on it.  Delmonico says, that will work for flock shooti' geese and ducks at night and shootin' turkeys out of the roost after dark.  We ain't out here ta be sportin'.   ;D

He then saddles his mule again and heads back taward the buffalo huntin' camp in Texas.  (Or did they still spell it Tejas?)

As Delmonico draws near the Texas state line and the South of Dodge thread, he wonders did they get anything done the last four days while I was travelin'.  I'll bet there ain't nothin' been done while I was gone 'cept the sauerbraten will be ready to cook.  ;D

Delmonico laughs to himself ta think that a roast would get more done than the guys back at camp. ;D 

If I didn't need ta get back ta camp I could go on down ta Fort Concho and see Gineral Lew Wallace.  But that would invole startin' another thread and confusin' folks even more.  No I'll go back ta South of Dodge  thread fer a while, sauerbraten sounds good, besides that I need ta finish the recipe in case someone wants ta try it. ::)

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So close ta the Texas line and the South of Dodge thread that he can see them, Delmonico says out loud ta nobody but himself and the mule, "I hope Slim got him some strychinne ta take with him in an emply catridge case, if the Comanche's catch him huntin' buffalo by himself and capture him................  Better not think about it, 4 days is to long ta take a dyin', the strychnine would at least be quick, even if it would make him poop his pants as he died. ;D

Off in the distance Trinity can barely be seen riding and drinking.  He weaves in his saddle, it's a wonder that he can even hold on. 

Then he barfs... :P


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