Fort Sill

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Tawards the end of the day Delmonico crosses out of Texas and into the Indian Territory and into another thread. ;D

Silver Creek Slim:
(That guy sure gets around.)

As Delmonico rides accross the plains he gets ta thinkin' maybe I can pick up a shotgun in Fort Sill. that way I could shoot some geese on the river for feathers and I could just restuff the tick, any extra's Slim could use for other reasons.  Might see if they got some tar also, the 'lasses came off to easy. ;D

Delmonico laughs to himself, thinkin' of the stink of Slim tarrin' and featherin' a fella and then brandin' them. :P

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Brazos Bucky Smith:

Brazos Bucky Smith rides up out of a wash and sees another White man approching on a mule.  Can't quite put a face on him so a whoopin' and a hollerin' so he does not get himself shot, he rides on up to the feller.  Well, I'll be its Delmonico!

he rides up and leans comfortabley across his saddle horn and says "Fancy meetin' you here Delmonico, thought you was off a huntin' the Buff?  Yeah, I know, I was a headin' up towards Wyoming, but while I was a riden' it dawned on me, ITS GONNA BE GETIIN' COLD UP THAT A WAYS'!  So here I be.  Got any of that good grub your known ta fix?"


Well I'm headin' ta Fort Sill, read the South from Dodge thread ta get the whole story.  Ya can ride with me or got to the camp.  Gopher Grease is cookin' till I get back, ya met him yet, I don't have time ta check back in the Nuther Story thread right now.  Did ya find a salloon dress fer yer wife yet? ;D


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