South from Dodge

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Silver Creek Slim:
Slim wakes up. "What is that awful smell? Coyote pee!" Slim jumps up, grabs a bar of soap, and runs to the stream to wash the smell off him.

Silver Creek Slim:
After a sufficient washing, Slim gets out of the stream and builds a fire to dry his clothes. He sees Delmonico's note that says, "Going up to Hanging Woman Creek ta feed the mules. Meet me in Kearney Nebraska in a few days." He hangs up his wet clothes and puts on some dry ones. He eats some grub that Delmonico left and decides to turn in early so he can start at dawn for Kearney.

Silver Creek Slim:
Slim woke at dawn and packed up the camp. He rode north outta this thread.


The Tonkawa's see that the Commanche's bumped their thread and are upset.  Seein' how they are at peace they file a protest to their agent about it.  this of course cause the thread ta be bumped. ;D


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