South from Dodge

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Trinity rises early.  MUCH earlier than he is accustomed to.  It must be the scent from the coffee roaster.  Or mebbe the fact that he had no booze the night before.  He thinks to himself "This is sickening.  No self respectin cowpoke should be awake at this time!"  He checks his roaster and determines that it needs mebbe another hour.

"Delmonico, when Gopher Grease shows up, Ah'd rather have a cherry torte than lemmon.  Ah never liked lemon in anything cept mah tea.  Ah always like the cherry...  ;D no pun intended ... well ... no, this is a fambly board, no pun intended.

Yeah, Ah ain got no problem with buff meat, but it dries out quickly on the far, be careful.  They aint never anything wrong with sour-do buscuits, but Ah like butter an honey with 'em."

Trinity pulls his '73 out of his saddle scabbard cycles it once to make sure and says: "Ahm officially on guard!" and lays back down and instantly falls asleep, cradling his carbine as if it were a Teddy Bear. ::)

Delmonico wonders why Trinity got up so early, cause the nice thing about buffalo huntin' is that ya don't start till they settle down for the day bout 10 am.  Bout 8 am Delmonico gets up and makes a pot of fresh coffee and a oven full ogf biscuits.  After havin' this for breakfast he starts the other roast and gathers his gear. 

Bout time ta go, a little after 9:30, wonder when someone else will show up?

Silver Creek Slim:
Slim rides into camp with two pack mules in tow. He brings a Sharps, a Win 73, alot of ammo, skinning knives, salt, and of course his branding iron. "Howdy boys. Ya ready to kill some buffs? After some breakfast, of course."


Breakfast is done we ate it all up bout a hour and a half ago, you'll have ta wait till supper now, or heat ya up a can of beans, be careful though ya know what happened the last time ya tried ta do that.  Punch a hole in the lid of the can, remember how it xploded the last time, that cowboy that was workin' for us will have ta sell pencils the rest of his life on a street corner.  Wonder if someone could train a dog ta lead him around.   ::)

I'm glad you showed up we'll have Trinity run ta Dodge and see if he can hire a couple three guys ta skin fer us, there are lots of buffalo here.   You can go shoot a few taday, but no more than ya can skin till Trinity gets back with some more men.  I got ta run back to Hangin' Women Creek ta that other thread where we were last week.  I fergot my good English Sheffield, French Chefs knife. ;D

I think that knife is why Sarge thinks I'm a Frenchy, but if I was I wouldn't by an English made knife.  Oh well, I've got an idea for supper one of these nights and I need that knife.  Oh, Trinity, grap some butter while yer in Dodge and some honey if they got any.  If not ya can raid a bee tree, but do it far away from me or ya both gonna have ta cook fer yourselve's cause i'm lergic ta them. :o

See ya when I get back. ;)

Silver Creek Slim:
"Okay, Delmonico." Slim gets a can of VanCamps Pork & Beans (he prefers Bush beans but they don't exist yet) and stabs the top with his Bowie. He stirs the fire, adds a couple of sticks to it, and puts the can of beans in the fire. Adds some water to the coffee (yes, he got it upstream from the hosses).


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