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Foothills Drifter:
Foothills Drifter sloooowly gets up at smellin and hearin the talk of food. Hay...that smells real darn good! Fix me a little and then I'll ride off and see if I can't find the good Sarge. Sure hope my horse still aint too drunk ta ride  :o Ya better gimme a bisquit fer him too......

Good shootin......
Vern... 8)

To EP, no recipe, if'n it's got a recipe it ain't no dump cake, a dump cake is made by dumpin' what ya got together and makin' a cake.  Ain't got no coffee cake recipes in my mind that use bannanas either.  Will do some checkin' though.  Might just PM Ruff, he most likey do.

Here is one of yesterdays biscuits fer that horse, keep him out a da saloon when ya go fer the Sarge.  I'm worried about him, we ain't heard from him at all on this page. ;D


Trinity pauses from drinking his nineth mug of coffee and looks up, crosseyed: "The Sarge?  Dint someone take him down to the river last night for a cleanin or was he one of the pards I stepped over this morning when I left the saloon? ? ?  I don' 'member no more.

How bout one of them bis-kits for me and some cake?  Which one? Why some of all, please.  Jes pile up what you can on a plate, remember which-uns ya gave me and when you get the plate back, pile on the other cakes.   Mah belly feels like it's inside out.  "

Foothills Drifter:
The Drifter mounts up and heads out towards town. As he is ridin he thinks this is goin ta be an interestin ride.......A coupla miles out my horse abruptly stops, bucks and as I hit the ground he steps over me and shows his disgust for me (it aint that bad, he only farts) As I get up I see a covered wagon about a 1/4 mile off to the right. I slowly ride towards the wagon keepin a watchful eye in all directions. It sounds like there is a good time happinin in that wagon.........

Good shootin......
Vern... ;D


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