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Enterin' the thread on the West bound UP, Delmonico gets off in Cheynne.  He goes ta the local horse and mule rental place and walks up ta the counter.  ::)

The proopryator of the place says ta him: "Ya ain't here ta rent a pig are ya, cause if'n ya are read the sign."  Delmonico looks at the sign that say's "WE DON'T RENT PIGS" and simply says no.  This keeps the horse and mule renter from havin' ta go inta a long thing bout rentin' pigs. :o :P

Gettin' a mule Delmonico rides toward the camp on Hangin' Woman Creek.  "I needed ta feed and water them mules agin anyway, he says to himself and those folks who followed him ta the thread.  ::)

Joyce (AnnieLee):
Nose to the ground, the yellow dog catches up to him at the creek. With a "What are you doing, galavanting all over creation??" look, the dog takes up a sit near the mules.

"Ok, yer here, lets go home."

Delmonico and the Yallar dog ride inta Cheynne late in the afernoon.  They return the rental mule and Delmonico buys two tickets on the Eastbound UP.  That way the Yaller dog don't have ta ride in the baggage car.  ;)

About dusk the train enters Newbrassky and leaves this thread for the Newbrassky thread. ::)



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