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The sun had been up for over 3 hours when the debris from the floor of the saloon rode up to the chuckwagon.  Delmonico was sitting around a bunch of dutch ovens covered with coals, his handy 2 gallon coffee pot sitting near the fire, full of course of that magic elxier of life that all cosie's live on.   8)

"Morning fellows, glad ya showed up, ya don't look so well."  "But I knew ya wern't going to be feeling well when I left the saloon last night."   ;D

"But I like ya fella's so to make ya feel better I've been cooking all night and guess what I shot on the way back to camp." :o

"Brunch will be ready in about an hour, have a cup of coffee while you wait." :P

Trinity, not much pleased to be likened to "debris",  says: "Boy, Delmoniker... what in tarnation happened last night?  Ah thought we was havin' a drink with the Sarge and next thing Ah know Ahm wakin up with sawdust and dirt in mah mouth. :-[     We had some good pards in the saloon with us, that shore was fun ;D ;D! 

Sayyyy... whuts in them ovens? ? ? ?"

Trinity eagerly yet gingerly takes a mug of hot, steaming, black coffee and stumbles over to a log by the fire to take a seat.  His motion is not graceful by any means, but not one drop of coffee is spilled!

Foothills Drifter:
Foothills Drifter rides into camp and falls off of his horse. My horse had toooooo much to drink and can't walk a straight line....he is imposibale ta ride  :o He crawls over to the fire and grabs a cup and fills the cup to the brim and then some and chugs down a full cup of 400 degree coffee  :o  :o  :o  Her stands up (and in a John Wayne fashion) says we're burinin daylight....lets ride! and then falls face down in the dirt...........
Good shootin......

Vern...... 8)


We gots blackeyed peas and hog jowls in one oven, sourdough bread in another one.  Found some goosebrries and made a gooseberry pie.  Used some dried apples and made another pie.  Got a dump cake in another.  Shot a turkey, got it cookin' and going ta make some dumplings with it. 

By the way did ya think ta get another barrel of flour.  Some fat guy came by, said his name was something Atkins, whinned something about carbooohdrites, think he was talking bout fool's gold.  Well any way he grabbed his chest and fell down, Doc came and hauled him into town! ::)

Will ya wake up Footy there and would the two of ya run back ta town and see what happened ta the Seargent. ;D

El Peludo:
Say, Delmonico, ya' mentioned "Dump Cake"; do ya' got's a recipee fer it?.  We lost the one my Mom gave my Bride, and just flat can't remember any of it, 'cept it had flour, and Mom's had 'nanners in it.  Real easy, though; just dump everything in a pan, mix it up, and bake it; m-m good.  Thanks, in advance.


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