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The second Saterday in November look off to the South-West in the evening after dark.  Look for the orange glow (sometimes changing to blue, green or maybe some other color)  That is the fire after I am done cooking and turn it over to the heathens.

Course anything like that I never participate in, I am only tech adviser, since the rest of them did poorly in science.

I do have a 50 pound iron lead pot that we do some smelting in.  It has went from cold to full melt in about 10 minutes.  (If we only had a coal seam on the place, wood is so limiting)  The heck with a hand bellows, a 5 hp gas air compresser is less work, but it is noisy.

Silver Creek Slim:
So you are saying the Druid pyres paled in comparison.  ;D


I am a Druid, I plan on dancing naked in the oak grove on the night of the 21st of December.   :o  (If it ain't really cold, I am a Reformed Druid, we have the option of skipping the winter Solstice if it is too cold.  Orthodox Druids have to dance no matter the weather.)

Never fear though, ya can't see the oak grove from the road. ;D

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Silver Creek Slim:
Thank goodness.  ::)



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