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Major 2:
While surfing through, I noticed the THE ENGLISH thread....
not wanting hijack that narrative, I'll ask here

anyone seen it ?, I've  heard good things, and Danial Craig seems to be a decent and capable actor...

Shawnee McGrutt:
No...but will try to find it. 
Since i watched 1917, have had an interest in WW1.

St. George:
If you want a thumbnail sketch of the Battle of the Somme - complete with abysmal upper-echelon leadership, mud, horror and pathos - this one's for you.

I mean this in a good way - the Somme was a bloodbath on both sides, and things like this bring the realities of that conflict to the fore.

Scouts Out!


I've always thought many of the generals of the Great War were incompetent.  "Let's charge the German machine guns for the twenty seventh time.  I'm just sure it will work THIS time!!"

St. George:
Decades ago, Alan Clark wrote about this and the abysmal leadership - it's titled 'The Donkeys'.

Scouts Out!


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