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Some thoughts on a new sport

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Nothing wrong with long range bpcr but how about a more stripped down match anyone could participate in with an off the shelf rifle? Something with a theme closer to the hide men, getting a stand, and frontier hunting with a simplified but practical course of fire. Other sports like idpa, bowling pin shoots, cowboy fast draw made me think of this as they all stem from more elaborate disciplines.

A fun course of fire ive shot myself with barrel sights is 45 seconds par time for 3 shots total. One at 50 75 and 100 yards on a 10'' steel plate standing or kneeling. I think i did it on my 3rd try, under no pressure of course but if i can do it anyone can.

Other rules could be any bp cartridge with at least 70grs of powder. Shells held in offhand. Period dress, no spotters.

Rather than extreme accuracy this game would celebrate the killing power of the large bp cartridges that won the west and cleared the plains in faster and closer match anyone could play. Less Tom Selleck more Kansas railcar blasting.

Just some ideas i thought of as id love to attend a buffalo camp themed match with basic equipment myself.  Lets here your ideas any one else interested? What am i forgetting? What would be a good name?

Reverend P. Babcock Chase:
Howdy Galloway,

That's exactly how we shoot LR at our club. A variety of categories (Single shot, Lever Rifle and Pistol, etc.) One sighter and then one shot on each distance, timed. At a club I ran for a while, I also added a points category (5pts at 50, 10 at 75, 15 at 100, ties broken based on time). Both are great fun when you only have 100yds to work with.

Rev. Chase

That's the KVC buffalo match in Kansas.  Check it out up in the NCOWS forum.


Ranch 13:
 Gong matches, held at Alliance Ne, Baker and Ekalaka Mt, the Quigley, and the West of the Pecos match at Pecos texas all sort of fall in line with what you're talking about.

Ranch 13:
 And I forgot to mention the buffalo matches at Milan, Ill, and Houston Mo.


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