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Then again cimarron recently introduced the american and i doubt the russians are flying off shelves, so i understand the questioning. You just never know...

Major 2:
I agree with Crossdrawnj

If they made the American in .44 American I'd buy one immediately.


I am looking for after market stocks for the Frontier when I can transfer it from my FFL guy. I would prefer simulated ivory or pearl.  If anyone knows a link I would be appreciate the help.  I ran out of search ideas.

Cheyenne Logan:
 ;D   I just got one, local shop had special ordered one for a customer who backed out of it.......they gave me a good deal, I thought, so it came home with me!  I have handled Schofields, Russians, and Americans, and have to say the NM #3 is the best feeling of the top break varients......mine's 45 Colt and shoots dead on!  It has quickly become my favorite, or a close second as my 1881 vintage Lightning is my favorite.

     Major, which model grip is that you have on yours?   Vintage lists 2 seperate grips, both say they are fpr the SA NM 3, #3917G & 3919G, I got a response from them saying the grips are made to different spec's, but they haven't gotten back as to what the difference is........That is a really good look for this revolver.

      Tammy told me it was Uberti who discontinued this model, shame as it is a great piece.


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