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Looking for the name of the engraver

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 :)  Another "What If  ;)

Pearl is very fragile.  Pimp pretty but fragile.  An easy way to break them is to over tighten the screws.  Take the grips off, pick out an old Ball point pen, take that apart, then cut the pen barrel to the same length as the width of grip frames as a spacer to prevent the grip screws from breaking the grip panels.

Then add a set of nice "shooting" grips and do the same spacer for the shooters.  Then go out and enjoy.  That gun just begs to be shot.  Make an offer yourself.

Play Safe Out There

I've never been a fan of pearl grips, but that is one beautiful Colt!


 :)  Some several Lustrum Ago:  ;)

Was at a really large Gunshow in Denver, Colorado just killing some time.  Rounded this one collectors table and went Wohah!!  He had a really nice pair of Colt 2d Get SAA that looked alot like the gun Noah Mercy has with 4 3/4 barrels.  Obviously a great pair of fancy schmancy shooters.  And, priced reasonable to boot.

As I discussed with my partner, my intent to buy the pair, tune em up and shoot Cowboy with 'em, the "Collector" snatched them off the table with "their not for sale" because, Heaven Forbid, I was going to "use" them.  Probably the only time I was ever tempted to buy Colts.

Play Safe Out There


That attitude always puzzles me.  What the heck did he think the people at Colt built them FOR?  It sure wasn't to just look at.

St. George:
Today's collector usn't necessarily a user - they view 'the Colt' as a holy relic worthy of veneration - to be coated with 'Renaissance Wax', placed on a silken pillow and worshipped.

To even 'think' about actually shooting one - to them - is an abomination.

No lie, GI - that part of the collecting world has changed...

Today, they get factory letters that whose end destination's a hardware store, Kopec letters tracking each partial martial serial number, in hopes it was a 'Custer' gun - or at least, a 'Custer-Era' gun - they parse screwheads and ejector rod heads to get the definitive answer of the date/time/group they changed - yet they don't seem to enjoy the purity of owning and shooting them.

They're more 'property' than 'cherished possession' - where the amassed information adds value - and perhaps it does, since research can be fun, as is 'knowing' - but all that doesn't mean squat to the potential buyer who merely wants a nice revolver to enjoy.

No other sidearm has the history, features in more tales and books, was so trusted to do the job, or was embellished - not the Government Models, Winchesters, Remingtons and so on - the SAA's at the pinaccle.

I was at a convention years ago, wearing a First Generation 'grey' SAA in an RT Frazier crossdraw from the 1890's, when I was asked by a couple of guys: 'Is that a real Colt?  Could I hold it? - followed by 'Gee, a real Colt...  Thanks' - no one has ever heard that about a Ruger Vaquero.


Scouts Out!


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