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Looking for the name of the engraver

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Original Noah Mercy:
So a buddy fell on hard times and is looking to sell a gun that was purchased new by his granddad. It's a 1904 Frontier Six Shooter that was silver plated (hammer is gold plated) and has over 80% engraving. The grips are eagle-and-shield mother of pearl. It is a little rough (stored poorly for half a century) but mechanically sound, and far more accurate than I would have credited. For all intents and purposes, wherever the sights are, that's where the bullet goes...at least with my loads using hand-cast soft bullets/lube. He's having me do some research on it so I can help him find a new owner who will cherish it. His kids have no interest in anything that isn't aluminum/plastic and high-capacity.

I do not necessarily like pimptastic guns, but I find this one a real eye-catcher largely due to the age and knowing it's a shooter and not a safe queen.

Do any of you recognize the engraving? It does not appear to be a true Nimschke style, but I was hoping someone among the "Colties" on here may have an idea. I will get a factory letter (which may shed some light on whether it was factory engraved or shipped soft), but right now I am not able to afford a letter for him if it turns out it was factory...they add a hefty surcharge for that.

Hope y'all enjoy the snaps of a piece of Americana...

google this it will help

"AmericanRelic.pdf"   or paste this link if it dosnt auto load    https://electricscotland.com/history/articles/AmericanRelic.pdf

Tascosa Joe:
You might try the Colt Forum.  The pattern is very similar to some of Colt's Factory engraving.


If the gun does letter as factory engraved it's value will be increased by far more than the extra charge Colt adds to the letter. The letter will also verify the grips if they are factory and that would boost the value even more.


One more thing, if you shoot the gun you might want to remove the grips first and put on some cheaper ones. Real pearl cracks very easily. Those grips are probably worth two thousand dollars by themselves and if they are factory they are irreplaceable.


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