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   A brief follow-up: Uberti Remington NMA .44WCF is behaving splendidly with fully-sized brass from unmodified Sizing Die. A bit of
rummaging produced a handful of long forgotten cast bullets from one of my Ideal #429348 Wadcutter Moulds: .429" sized, 180gr weight,
over 6.0gr. TITE-Group. Seated and gently crimped into the uppermost lube groove, they grouped very well ( 2" ) at indoor target range of 15
yards, and the same elevation as all other 200/215gr bullets, about 2.5" low. I'm beginning to suspect that Uberti mounted a ".45Colt" front
sight on my revolver... Time to break out the file.
   Dave Scoville declared these "little" wadcutters to be instant bad day for any and all critters up to and including Coyotes; I would suspect that
they'd be dandy for a treed Mountain Lion, as well.



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