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Re: Bore butter
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Dave T,
The old timers either used just powder and ball/bullet without lube or paper cartridges where the bullet was lubed with a tallow/beewax mix. They kept their pistols loaded for long periods because the guns were designed to shoot 6 shots and then reholstered, set aside or tossed to be reloaded at a later time. Keep in mind that up until the advent of the revolver all anyone had were single shot pistols and fighting knives. The revolver brought about a SIX FOLD increase in firepower. The guns were expected to be shot dry, retired from the fray and if needed you either drew another pistol or your sword or fighting knife. Other than a fairly waxy lube on the bullet the revolvers were not loaded with any lube either under or over the ball/bullet. With solid lube or none at all in the chambers the revolvers could be left loaded for long periods of time without worry.

On the Hickock thing of firing & reloading daily. I really doubt that was the case as it frightens the horses. However, one of Wild Bill's duties was to eliminate stray dogs that menaced citizens and horse teams. I suspect he shot a few stray dogs but I doubt it took him 12 rounds every day.
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